The Enlightenment Intensive is a three-day residential workshop which provides an opportunity, for you to come into conscious union with the truth of yourself, life, and others. The Enlightenment Intensive technique combines the age-old practice of reflective contemplation with verbal communication in a structured and non-destructive environment.

The Enlightenment Intensive format was developed in 1968 by Charles Berner after years of research into methods by which people could deepen and improve their relationships. To help people accelerate their process of self-discovery, Berner combined contemplation of the questions, Who am I? What am I, What is life, and What is another? with one-to-one communication. Using this process, he discovered that within periods of a few days, his students were having enlightenment experiences identical in kind to those described by people who had practiced silent mediation for many years. Since that time, thousands of participants have accelerated their awakening, increased their communication skills and personal happiness, and improved the quality of their lives through this dynamic and powerful technique.

There is no belief system or particular view of life taught during an Enlightenment Intensive. No one tells you what the truth is. The dyad format gives you an opportunity to go beyond mental constructs and bring your full consciousness into direct contact with the truth. During the Intensive you combine the steady contemplating and communicating and half the time receiving your partner's communication, working with a new partner every 45 minutes. These dyad periods are balanced with meals, walks, physical exercise and rest, inspirational talks, and silent contemplation. However, the majority of the time is spent each day doing the Enlightenment technique described above. Vegetarian meals, snacks, vitamins, and sleeping space are provided. Participants bring their own sleeping bags, pillows, towels, and personal necessities.

Enlightenment is not a far-away, esoteric experience attainable only by a few individuals willing to give up home, family, and possessions and spend their lives in caves meditating. It is available to every individual, and it can completely change your life. Though enlightenment transcends definitions and has many levels, enlightened individuals agree that it is a Direct-experience of truth. Unlike insight, conclusions, or belief, it involves a fundamental shift in consciousness, which is separated from thinking, feeling, believing, and reasoning. In enlightenment, there is only union. It is absolute, timeless, and unchangeable. There is no way to make enlightenment happen; yet you can put yourself in an environment where it is most likely to happen. The Enlightenment Intensive provides such an environment. It is by no means the only way for you to come into conscious union with the truth, but is a proven and powerful way.

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