yourname web site home page:

This web page wasn't literally to mean "yourname" it was rather meant to be interpreted to be "savoie" or some other text which stood for your name.

On I can create a whole bunch of other web site home pages just by creating other directories. Here I created a directory called "yourname" and I put this HTML code in that directory. This means that your web page could be found by adding your name to The point being that now you can hyperlink to another web site. You start with a small amount to type in to get here. Your free or nearly free web sites on the other hand are always very long names often with number that are hard to remember. To get to them you just link them to your home page. The home page allows you to click to all your other pages.

You then only put your home page at my site, with the proper extension to identify it as yours. That only takes up 10 k or so because you put the big pictures farther down in your web site. The home page is kept small. Your entire web site may be 20 megabytes or larger and it all "looks" like it was here.

As an example, my wife has some 5 megabytes of web space that she gets from her internet service provider as part of her basic service. Unfortunately it has a long URL address which is

I don't like typing in ~u287345 it takes too long and I don't remember it a week after I use it. I can use this page to get there and then hyperlink to get to the other web site. As you can tell, this is where the web page was before Internic sold me That means I can use the following to start this web page I find that easier than all that 287345 stuff.

I hope this helps you to understand. Love Bill Savoie