Tell me what another is?

I love this question.

For me, it has real juice.

I crashed and burned on this question in 1968. It really surprised me. I was young and brashly confident. This was my second three day Intensive. At my first Intensive I experienced great joy working on "tell me who you are." I thought my second Intensive would be more of the same. What a shock. I experienced great pain. Gut ripping pain.

That was 36 years ago and I still feel it's simple truth as solid now as it was then. I cried uncontrollably for 3 hours. Big belly sobs. I was a basket case. They had to take me out of the group and let me sob alone. All of my friends Edrid, Ken Fry, and Charles Burner came by to see how I was doing. It didn't help. I had to face the meaning of this question alone. Eventually the pain became bearable and I learned how to carry on. My illusion was gone. It hurt but my life was infinitely richer. Over the years and many other enlightenment intensives, I have never felt the need to return to this question. I have no doubt I got it. It has never faded. It is a great question.

Don't let my description of my experience contaminate your truth. You may find truth liberates you differently from my experiences. You must be open to your truth when you ask the question "Tell me what another is." It must be your truth using your meaning, to end up being "direct" truth. If it is direct truth, it will never fade away.

This web site is dedicated to helping bring your truth fully into your life. It is not about intellectual conjectures or borrowing the truth of others. Your life is about you and your relationships with others. You must do most of the work yourself. At best, others can listen and understand. They are not able to help you avoid anything. This web site is dedicated to the Dyad way to Enlightenment. I hope you find it satisfying.

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