Tell Me What Understanding Is.

This is not a beginners question. Who/What/Another/Love are beginners questions. This one comes after you have confidence. For me, after working on Love, I experienced that the world had enough love. I saw love everywhere. What the world lacked was understanding. If we just had more understanding, everything would be fine. Understanding looked to be in short supply. Understanding, now that was a real issue.

I make my living as an Electrical Engineer. My understanding applied is worth money. Understanding is what they pay me for. If everyone understood, well then I would have to actually work for a living. I loved to understand. Things started to change when, as president of the Huntsville city chess club, I tried to help others to "understand" about Enlightenment Intensives. They too "understood" and they introduced me to Rush Limbaugh (American Talk Radio host). Rush Limbaugh, like me had an answer to everything. He too "understood". My solution was to experience love, their solution was to issue everyone a handgun. Both systems account for everything, and both systems claim to be logical.

So I spent some time listening to Rush. Here was a man who, in his opinion, really "understood" everything. He, like me, felt that if just a few more people were to "understand" things would change for the better. That disturbed me. Understanding now appeared more complicated. I could claim that his understanding wasn't true, but I could tell from his presentation that he would say the same about me.

What was it that understanding really did? How does it work? What is the experience we call "understanding". To Understand understanding itself. "Tell me what Understanding is". I found this to be a good question, and I offer it to you for your consideration.

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