Tell me what you are.

To the outside world it looks like I am an Electrical Engineer. You can add to the description my age of 60 years, my gray hair, and one ear is lower than the other. I could even add a picture - but would that be the real me? Would that be what I was? Consider everything. Maybe I am even a nice guy. If I were satisfied with these types of answers I would be done. But these are just words - I wanted something deeper. Something true that would last and leave me pure and without confusion.

The door to freedom opens inward:

Our lives are made complicated by our self-confusion. We get attached to things that we don't choose to and then we waste time in miss-directed action. To have a proper balance in our lives we can just open to the truth. It doesn't even have to be the big truth of enlightenment. We can open to the truth a little bit at a time. Even partial clarity is a big help. Open to what we are and then live that truth in each moment. Simple truth as the way of becoming, no misdirection, no wasted effort.

In our normal lives we just can't get enough truth. Enlightenment is what we need. Of course enlightenment is not a half way, safe measure, that you can think true. You have to really want it. Further you have to want it for the right reasons. It isn't reached compulsively. When it happens it just "falls" into place. You feel it as being crystal clear and timeless. It is very natural. With enlightenment we clean up our self confusion on this subject for all time. You might have read many books on Zen, but the experience of truth is much more than the idea clearly expressed. It is your personal experience just waiting for you . This web site will introduce you to the Dyad way to work on this great question.

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