Dyad and Enlightenment Facilitators

  • Canada also has Keith Tarswell at address: 278 Winthrow Ave Toronto Ontario, Canada M4J-1B7 You can call him at (416) 461-4931.
  • Canada on the west side has Murray Kennedy at address: 3077 Princess Avenue North Vancouver B.C. V7N 2E1 Canada You can call him at (604) 984-3282.
  • England has various but start with Barry McGuinness he can lead you to many others.
  • Switzerland also has Maarten Willemsen with e-mail at mwillemsen@smile.ch Check with him about his next Intensive.
  • Serbia has Desimir D. Ivanovic: "Dijada" Iv. Milutinovica 12/B-12, 19000 Zajecar, YU - Srbija phone:381-(0)19-29234 his e-mail address is dijada@ptt.yu
  • More will be added if requested..


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