Communication and Enlightenment


The connection:

To start, I want to show the connection between every day one-on-one communication and the eastern concept of Enlightenment. This is a key new concept - and it allows us to reach the classical enlightenment - in less time - without being a devout Buddhist Monk or going to the Monastery for the rest of our lives. Think of it as the Western way to Enlightenment.

This information represents a growing body of knowledge gained from the direct experience of hundreds of people spending many hours in groups called "dyads" at 3 day Enlightenment Intensives. This data has been identified and coded over the last 37 years by a small group of people - including Charles Berner, Jake Chapman, Jeff Love, Lawrence Noyes, Osha Reader, Edward Riddle (Edrid), Jack Wexler and myself. Charles Berner did much of the original work and it has taken some time to make what was learned available to all. Lawrence Noyes , Jake Chapman and Jeff Love have all written books. Jack Wexler has a video you can watch. Or you can use the world wide web to read some of Ed Riddle’s work at It is our intention that you find something that you can use in your own life, and to make the path to enlightenment more accessible.

Before we enter into a technical discussion of communication cycles - let us first approach some general concepts that provide a reality for the upcoming information.


After one starts improving their reality - by cleaning up their communication cycles - whole new ways of seeing the world naturally start to bubble up. These "new" ways are actually old ways that have been forgotten - more child like - yet still full of adult wisdom. These "new" old ways are based on rich experience and allow us to move away from a flat world of "because" and the terror and doom of reactivity. If you take this path - of improving communications - to the extreme - you reach the classical Buddhism concept of Enlightenment - as a personal experience. You get it all - just like they wrote it down 2,500 years ago - you become Enlightened.

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