Enlightenment Process Rights and Responsibilities.

  1. When I am at an Intensive or Workshop, I will temporally let go of my business activities or other outside distractions so that I can grow and help others to grow.
  2. I will speak truth only for myself and not for others.
  3. I will not gossip.
  4. At an Intensive or Workshop, other people have a right to be different from me.
  5. I will not tell others how to feel or think. I will not lay trips on others.
  6. I will refrain from offering unsolicited advice.
  7. When I am not the active partner, I will attempt to be "in the moment" and present for my dyad partner.
  8. I can interrupt others if they are speaking to me and I cannot hear them, or otherwise understand what they are saying.
  9. Anything that is said to me at an Intensive or Workshop, will not be repeated or passed on as gossip. It will be kept private.
  10. I have the right to change, even if you love me the way I am.
  11. While at an Intensive or Workshop, I will pursue My Truth no matter where it takes me.
  12. What is said within a dyad will not be taken out in public after the Intensive is over, this sacred space must not be violated.

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