Daylight savings time occurs during an Intensive

Edrid, I am trying to do the best with a strange situation. Day light savings time "spring forward" occurs during the three day Intensive. Virginia pointed this out and asked - "should we move the schedule 20 minutes each day"? My first thought was to have an extra dyad Thursday night. The real issue is getting everyone up at 5 am on Sunday - just because the local laws say that the time is really 6 am. I want to keep the Intensive in the form that it has been for the past 37 years. I see the following options:

  1. bite the bullet on Thursday night - switch over to the new time that night. Sunday would end at 9:45 pm and everyone would be on the new time - making Monday easier.
  2. Have a dyad Thursday night - let Sunday be a shorter day. All days start at the same time.
  3. Take 20 minutes out each day - taking an hour sleep away from the participants during the three days.
  4. Ignore the whole local time issue - end the Intensive at 10:45 pm and hope that no one has to go to work the next day.

My thoughts are now as follows: pick option 4, many people will take Monday off anyway. I don't like the option of putting it to a democratic vote - it would be a sin to place participants in a present time problem - they need to focus on their question. Those people who have enlightenment experiences will be thankful for life as it is. Monday will just be more interesting.

Anyway - I think I have my answer. The Enlightenment Intensive schedule is a packed event sequence. It is over 30 years, tried an true. It is just about as hard as advanced people can stand. I can not start it at 5 am or do anything else to screw it up. One does not add salt to a perfect meal. Monday - well it will just be a new challenge for the enlightened soul.

Edrid, you don't have to answer. Thank you for being the kind of person I could turn to.. Love Bill Savoie

Edrid gave the following reply; watch the bomb shell at the end!

"Yes, that is what I've done. I had two Intensives where the time changed.
It's good to let people know ahead of time what you're going to do so they can make plans. For example, if they have someone coming to pick them up, they need to make it clear what time to come. I agree that the extra hour one way or another doesn't make much difference as long as they know about it in advance.

About changing the schedule: I've kept my intensives to the same schedule for all these years too. Recently, though, I've entertained a change, based on the new dynamic of mindfullness which is creeping in. Osha and I are on the same track, as is Dalton. It calls for longer intensives (5 days) and about 10 dyads per day. They have an hour for breakfast and an hour and a half for lunch and dinner. This is because they need more time to let go of their intellect and perfect their contemplation state. We keep gently teaching and reminding about being present. They are much better at communicating what comes up if their discursive mind is less stimulated with the intense go-for-it mentality. With deeper contemplation, they become present in the here and now with their question and are less likely to get sucked into story-telling.


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