Why Space has three dimensions:

If you follow me this far, let me give you an easy one. Why does space have only three dimensions, rather than two or four? (I discovered this while sitting through a long meeting at work while trying to stay awake!) First we need to understand just what the word dimension means. If you take a paper and a pencil and create one dimension, you need two dots separated by a line. To get two dimensions you will need three dots connected with lines. For three dimensions you need four dots, with one dot lifted above the page. Each dot and the associated line that adds a dimension can be considered at 90 degreeís with respect to all previous dots, which means it has its own independent meaning. Each point in real physical space has three dimensions because it contains four possibilities each with its own separate independent meaning.

What are these four separate meanings? To understand this you need to see the physical universe as an interpersonal experience between two equal Gods. Each God has two options, to be connected or to be in freedom. A binary signal as the computer people would say. Since each cannot connect with the other unless both do, each depends on the other. That makes four possibilities. { you+me , not_you+me , you+not_me , not_you+not_me } These four types of interpersonal relationships provide a mapping for all that we have not shared. Things which are not shared are therefore caused to exist - persist - that is the nature of physical objects. Of course you are at zero zero zero coordinates in your space, and I am at zero zero zero in my physical universe. We are, as you will notice, at the center of our own defenses.

What I mean by "not_me" does not have to be a passive role. If one is being "conscious" then "not_me" can be an active reference to others. The attempt to use our relationships with others to extrapolate into new situations - is the attempt to live without really being alive, and it is doomed to failure. Our real relationships with others is unsupported - we contact them directly. That is where true understanding can be found - in a direct meeting between Gods, not between schemers, manipulators, and linear thinkers.

This may not make sense to you. It is sometimes very hard to think about, but it is easy to feel it once you translate my language into yours. To review and summarize - there are only three dimensions because everything relating our misunderstandings can have only one of four situations. Each of these situations are solutions to not being connected to others.

If you understand and think/feel space as a manipulation of your relationships with others you can also see many other related concepts. Space is infinite since our poor attempt to control others is Ďboundí to fail. We can manipulate relationships but we cannot force others to connect with us. Space doesnít work as intended because others are non-physical beings. You donít get what you want - what you get is blame. Blame is interesting because it requires three people. If it were just you and me, you would not know enough to blame me for anything. Relationships have to be cross referenced in order to puff space up and give it effects. I write this because I know some of you will read this through and say, yes , yes, of course. Unfortunately, others will read it and not even have a clue. All I can say is that I might have a very low skill at communicating! You are my judge. Personally, I think we all knew this stuff as children, and then were taught to forget it. I think this is the meaning behind the meaning, the laying bare of the illusion of the physical universe. I may not be the one to get through to you, but I wish to be the first to try! (rationalization will have to hold me until there is shared love between us.)

What is the speed of light and why is it changing:

I assume you are reading this after my death. Science has measured the speed of light very accurately, and during the past 100 years, it has been found to be somewhat faster now than it use to be. Further it has been determined that the speed of light is slowly getting faster. It will take many millions of years before the influence has any significant consequences, except that black holes are slowly boiling away, nothing much else is really changing. The real problem is why? Why is this effect observable, and what does it mean?

Somewhere in some old dusty library, or in some electronic data store, someone happens across this paper. Maybe it was a conditional data base search. So now - in your time - we meet. Now I have your undivided attention. Why would someone way back in 1995 predict such an odd event and what do they know? Of course you will not like the answer, or you would already know the truth. You are like me exposed to the truth - but you donít want the responsibility - nobody does. The truth requires great love and great trust, or they are just words without any meaning.

I will tell you something so obvious that the future will find it hard to understand reality any other way. In my current arrogance, let me first clear the air. I must be truthful, since you are seeking truth. I was not the first to predict the speed of light to be increasing. I give credit to Charles Berner, it was his discovery, and his explanation given to me in 1967. In 1967 and 1968 Charles Berner, at the Institute of Ability in Costa Mesa California, gave a series of courses called "Thetian and Thot", "The Body", and "The Physical Universe". Each course was attended by twenty to thirty people. I was one of six ministry students, and of course it changed my life forever. It has taken me twenty five years to gain my own reality and my own perspective on this new view of physics.

The real world has many many copies. Each one of us can see only one copy. Yet it appears as if our local copy is the only copy. Further it appears that our local copy is beyond our control. Some outside force appears responsible for the rules and how our local copy operates. It looks as if we are bodies within this local copy, and by the use of machines we can operate on this local copy of the physical universe. Now what is really going on?

Lets start with what we experience directly, our bodies. Our body is a relationship between ourselves as non-physical beings and other non-physical beings. This relationship is a telepathic connection between ourselves and other non-physical beings. We and others are non-physical beings, but we donít naturally know or trust others. They might be dishonest or untrustworthy. We have a whole spectrum of relationships with others. Some we treat as robots, some we treat as human, and some we treat as God. Some relationships have even gone beyond God, to a joining. This joining creates our foundation relationships. These foundation relationships manifest as the ability to move a "body" around in an otherís physical universe. These foundation relationships are reciprocal, so others have the ability to move things in our local copy of the physical universe.

Second, you do not directly move your body, you move it indirectly. You move your whole physical universe with respect to all the other physical universes. That shows up as a small body moving in another physical universe. Your body does not exist in your physical universe, it only exists in everybody elseís universe. All motion is relative, so if the entire universe moves 1x10-26 inch to the left, it is just as if a small asteroid moves several miles to the right. If you stand close to the asteroid with a small perspective, it looks like a big deal. You get more of an experience from seeing the motion of the asteroid. But if you have an all inclusive perspective, there is no difference. So you move the entire universe, but you and what you want is discounted by others and they only see the asteroid.

Third, your body is a small spot inside your head, where you exercise choice. To interface that spot there exists universal brain cells and a surrounding skull. To move the skull around, a spinal column with arms and legs. To provide energy, lungs that bring in oxygen and mix it with blood, and a heart to pump that oxygen rich blood through out the biological body.

Your body is your operational relationship with those peoples you know. Those relationships allow you motion in their universe, and through those outside universes you can relate with people who are not known to you. Your known relationships allow you to meet strangers. Since your cross physical universe existence is through and because of foundation relationships, you have at your core a great amount of love and respect. Unfortunately this love and respect is not directed at the stranger, and you have no real choice but to project on them your old stereotypes gathered from the people you do know. This creates misunderstanding on a massive scale, and that drives you into doubt and disassociation. Disassociation creates further loss of power and choice, and so you create one last desperate attempt to comprehend everything, and the mind is born. The mind is the idea that what you learn from one relationship can be applied to the next relationship, and that one person is basically like another.

Treating one person like another is the basic nature of abuse and disrespect. It places all your foundation relationships between you and the stranger. It makes it harder for you to understand the stranger. You must now work through your prejudice before you can really listen. Now you have an extra step, that of rejecting stereotype impressions. Real understanding requires a leap of faith with and an act of full presentation of who and what you are to this new stranger, without an expectation of a return on your investment. In short an act of God. Non-physical relationships can not be paid for and logical; it takes real exposure to the unknown. To meet and talk with God you must yourself be God. So with that quick view of the mechanism of the body, lets return to those many physical universes.

Since these foundation relationships are between individuals and have accumulated over millions of years, there is a sequence of connections, a map, which is unique for each person. Foundation relationships are respectful, dignified, and without abuse. Each foundation relationship person is treated uniquely and not at the same time, therefore there is a physical universe sequence. There is an order for time that is unique for each person and I will call this a reality map.

Suppose the alphabet represents a universe with only 26 people in it. I may have a foundation relationship with individuals A and B. I may also treat C and H like gods, and treat D, E, F, and Z like human people. Next I barely know the individuals G, I, J, K, L, M, N, and Y. I think of these individuals as robots driven by goals. I may also have no known contact with individuals O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, and X. I donít know they are even present.

In this reality with only 26 people all of us have a different set of relationships. Now further suppose in this reality all 26 of us appear to have similar ability. That means we all have two foundation relationships, two relationships with god, and four relationships with humans. We all know the same number of robots - in this case eight. This gives us the same ability since we have the same size for our inner space. We all have the same ability to concentrate make plans and to "live" our lives in this 26 people universe. Since we are all unique we have these relationships with a different set of individuals.

Unfortunately the above paragraph cannot be true. If I have two foundation relationships, then two other people have foundation relations with me. That is a group of three people, with each of the three having two other people in a foundation relationship. If we all have the same ability then we would have 13 pares of foundation relationships but we also need a number which is dividable into groups of three. With 26 the greatest number of three people groups we can get is 8 groups. That would leave two people in the last group. One person short. This can be a bit hard to understand so if we build symbolic representation of foundation relationships:

A == B == C D == E == F G == H == I J == K == L M == N == O P == Q == R

S == T == U V == W == X Y==Z

The following people have two relationships B E H I K N Q T W so we can create more foundation relationships as follows:

A == D G == J M == P S == V C == F I == L O == R U == X

This makes each of the above 15 characters each have two foundation relationships. Those 15 plus the 9 earlier done gives a total of 24 foundation relationships. That leaves Y and Z with only one foundation relationship each.

This discussion just goes to show that reality has certain rules and exists outside of wishful thinking. We could hope that 26 people would work out but it doesnít. We could make the two foundation relationships work with 24 people, but each person would also know 4 individuals as human so groups of 5 people would also be needed. This would make the number 120 ( = 5x24 ) a possible solution. We donít need to get bogged down in more detail. Suffice it to say that reality requires logical mathematics and not just wishful thinking. It is larger than one personís point of view. I call all these relationships a reality map.

The reality map does not operate automatically it requires permission. This permission acts to quantized events. Operations that are very small get ignored. This results in Plankís Constant. Anything smaller than Plankís Constant gets ignored. Operations that are very large can also get ignored. Large operations - speed of light limited - are caused by interpersonal fairness issues. How big can your turn be. If you do too much, the other person will ignore you. This lack of permission results in time dilation. Time moves slower. It is a fairness issue, like crowding in front of someone else waiting in line.

Bottom line, why is the speed of light increasing? Because you and others are learning how to trust. More foundation relationships are accumulating, and we have more willingness to deal with the chaos occurring in our interaction. This trust allows more motion before our turn is up. We have more freedom directly because of this increase in trust and understanding. This increase in trust can be seen as an increase in the information packet size that can be communicated. The physical universe motion can then increase during our turn. This increase in the speed of light is geometric, because each relationship is only held back by the leveraged effects of the misunderstandings. Further the minimum progress is based on at least two you and me, it is not something done in isolation. That affects to increase the increase so that the speed of light will change geometrically rather than in a predictable linear way as it would if we were not involved with other people.

To summarize reality: We are non-physical beings trying to have a relationship with other non-physical beings that we do not initially know. Each of us has a physical universe that we use to protect ourselves with, and to run simulations of our misunderstandings. Our initial connection caused the big bang, and now we have had some time to relate. Shortly after the creation of space we had bodies that were much like cartoon characters, without substance, like Casper the ghost. We have since bulked up with biological systems that have much more inertia and substance, and we can demonstrate much more in the way of commitment to a relationship.

These new bodies are much harder to manage and work as follows: Each of us has a small spot of freedom in at least one outside physical universe. These are our foundation relationships, the people who love us. We all want more of these foundation relationships, because it seems to solve the problem of the physical universe. (Pardon me while I throw numbers out that seem right, but I cannot yet verify.) It seems to take at least 5000 foundation relationships to operate a human body, some 500 or more foundation relationships to operate a horse body, maybe 4 to operate a bug. We are all doing the same thing, looking for love and understanding with others. Trying to get more foundation relationships and to leverage that into respect and acceptance by strangers. That is the basic charisma factor, that all good dictators have. We can sense that some of us are more powerful - more related - have more charisma - than others. That is the effect of foundation relationships, and they appear to work to solve the physical universe by this leverage effect. In truth the solution causes us more problems - we do best when we ignore charisma.

Charisma is another manipulation - a denial of the others power of choice. It is the process of using many people to manipulate another, rather than achieve true understanding. Since each of us is unique - the problems in understanding are real, and we just canít pretend they are not there. In our physical universe, we are everything and we donít have a body. Unfortunately that is not the way others see us and in their world we get just a small spot of freedom. This is something of a real war. We are everything in our world, and almost nothing to others. We can try to force change. To be more effective this small spot can be amplified, and that is what biological systems are for. They take our small effects and extend them into motion that gets things done. We can use one person against another. To use our friends to manipulate strangers. The sex drive is largely a telepathic request by an outsider for a body that they can inhabit. Each of us has a long history of providing bodies for others and also receiving them as gifts from others.

This is how the mechanism of bodies operate. All this indirect interaction in our physical universe takes time. Rules are used to protect us from strangers, and love is used in the form of fundamental relationships and charisma to get things done. The speed of light is how far the majority of us can move during our turn, and this is increasing because the general level of trust is slowly increasing. As we grow in understanding we are less affected by petty thoughts of who gets more and who gets less., and we can see all of life as a joining. Progress in life has many side effects, the speed of light increases, and that causes black holes to boil away.

What is the ultimate fate of the current physical universe? Many billions of years from now the physical universe will be discarded as interfering with life. It will not be good manners to have a body and push objects around. Having sex with another body will be seen to lack real intimacy, because it will be limited to a spatial here. Real intimacy will be bigger than the physical universe and timeless. It will be direct life - non physical - as hero on a mythical scale.

Let us return back to current science, where was Einstein? ( much more work is needed here - to properly treat the current state of science.)

Einstein: The Special theory of Relativity

Einstein moved farther away from "common sense" when he introduced his Special Theory of Relativity. In the words of Einstein, "If K is an inertial system, then every other system Kí which moves uniformly and without rotation relatively to K, is also an inertial system; the laws of nature are in concordance for all inertial systems. This statement we shall call the "principle of special relativity."

(*- -Working draft direction: Relativity - expand idea and clarify. See Inside Relativity by Mook and Vargish page 285 - Maxwellís equations are completely consistent with the principles of relativity, but Newtonian mechanics is not. Special relativity unifies electric and magnetic forces, see page 284 Mook, also see pages 48 to 139. Discuss relativity as given by Einstein. Point out how relativity does not get us off the hook, but instead makes us more responsible. Observer as creator, rather than spectator.)

(* This is unfinished) Rather than having two people pass on a walk way, suppose we had two people pass each other in rocket ships each going 75 percent the speed of light. What would be happening?

Suppose initially each rocket pointed itís nose toward the other person, and there was no detectable motion between them. Both now fire their rocket motors and increase their speed from zero to 75 percent the speed of light. Once they reach that speed they cut their motors and coast towards the other rocket ship. Eventually they pass each other and we have the view show above. (small side thrusters are used to keep them from crashing due to the gravity effects between them.) Because both are coasting along, they run their Michelson-Morley experiment and determine that they are at rest with the ether. When they look out at the other space ship, they see it as having a different color, it is green shifted as it approaches and red shifted after it passes by. (need clear idea of modern thought concerning special relativity - motion - several pages here.)

Einstein: The General theory of Relativity

Einsteinís Tensor Field Equation of General Relativity

(See page 177 of Inside Relativity by Mook and Vargosh)

<< much more needed here >>

Is matter a particle or a wave?

With the doctoral thesis of LVPR de Broglie in 1924 modern physics has taken on the "truth" that mater is both particle and wave. De Broglie was motivated in part by the similarity between quantized states and standing waves. Quantum Mechanics has determined that matter can only exist in certain energy states. This means that energy can not be easily moved around between different particles if the energy is the wrong "size". This idea of energy occurring only in certain integer number sizes is the proper subject of quantum mechanics. Quantum mechanics has been very successful in explaining how certain observations are achieved. Quantum effects are properties associated with particles. Standing waves are properties of tuning forks and other vibrating objects. If a standing wave is present - such as designed into a piano or musical tuning fork energy only occurs in certain "sizes". For example an "A" tuning fork resonates at 440 hertz per second. It moves back and forth 440 times each second. A 440 tuning fork will not completely accept frequencies which are not 440.

The idea that particles are like waves does not make sense with objects the size of tuning forks. The comparison only starts to make sense as you start to deal with smaller and smaller particles. To make sense objects should be smaller than atoms, and a good big particle to start to understand is an electron. According to de Broglie a free particle with mass m and speed v has a de Broglie wavelength ( l ) of

<Technical explanation of wave particle concept. >

Another way of interpreting wave particle duality is to view it as a question of perspective in responsibilities. If each of us create objects as a solution to our misunderstandings with others, then these objects can have two perspectives. We can see the object as our responsibility or we can see it as the responsibility of others. Our knowledge of this object - if it is ours - takes on the nature of a standing wave that stretches out to everything in all directions. We know about our objects directly. We are the "Ether" - the foundation of the field equations - we know about how this object will influence all of reality. We make the interference patterns as a result of our responsibility. If the object is not considered ours and we blame it on others, then it takes on the nature of a particle.

< More work is needed here to explain and make this conclusion easier to understand. >

Quantum Mechanics:

Quantum Mechanics has made some recent breakthroughs that also make the proposition that you are God actually reasonable. This is not to say that science can prove that you are God, it canít. What science can say is that it is not unreasonable that you are God. Science has evidence that the observer of an experiment interacts and changes reality. The new field of quantum mechanics lead Albert Einstein to say the following;

"It seems hard to look in Godís cards. But I cannot for a moment believe that he plays dice and makes use of "telepathic" means (as the current quantum theory alleges He does)."

Quantum reality is not the simple reality that Newton understood years ago. Newton physics is the typical physics that most of us studied in high school. Simple equations can describe everything. Force is equal to mass times acceleration. All objects can be described with algebra equations and common sense. If two objects hit each other at low speeds energy is conserved. This allows us to write down equations describing the energies before the collision and after the collision. Using high school physics we can crash pool table billiard balls and correctly predict the resulting outcomes. Objects of these sizes and speeds all act in ways predicted by common sense. Quantum reality, as predicted by quantum mechanic calculations are not much different from high school physics for these objects.

Although Quantum reality is almost like Newtonian reality for many objects it is slightly different. Scientists consider Quantum reality to be the ĎTruth" and Newtonian reality to be a good approximation to the "Truth". If we do quantum mechanical calculations on two billiard balls that hit on a pool table, we must always treat the two balls as a coupled system. This connection is called "quantum inseparability" which means that all objects that have once interacted are in some sense still connected! The two entities that interact are not ever able to be treated as separate. This lingering quantum connection does not diminish with distance, and it is not limited by the speed of light. This lingering connection is called "nonlocal interaction." There is nothing in our normal rational experience that makes common sense of this nonlocal interaction. I think it does make sense if you are one God creating your one physical universe to protect you from others.

Suppose there are many many physical universes, each one generated by the person inside it. Each person has a physical universe and only one person is within each physical universe. Also suppose that these same people are in telepathic communication with everyone else. Further suppose that each person gets an instant to move followed by many billions of instances where others move. Further suppose there is a limit to how little, how much, and how many objects you can move during your turn. If you try to exceed the limit on how much you can move during your turn, others ignore you, and your time slips out of sync. Your local time where you are trying to move, drops behind the objects around you. If you try to move one small object too far during your turn the time distortion is equivalent to an increase in mass. If you try to move too many objects during your turn the time distortion is equivalent to gravity effects.

Gravitational mass is equivalent to inertial mass. Thus if you want to throw a ball the farthest distance before it comes down, you pick a 45 degree angle. You put as much force into vertical direction as you place into horizontal direction. If inertial mass was greater than gravitational mass angles greater than 45 degrees would go farther, but they donít. Why is this so. The relation between inertial mass and gravitational mass is a universal communication factor, what you can do during your turn. The real activity is between gods not between here and there. The limiting factors are interpersonal, not interphysical.

Quantum reality works, it is the best results that science can give us about the world we live in. If we assume that there is only one physical universe, and that our awareness is a result of biochemical computers, then we cannot use common sense to understand quantum reality. If we assume that each person creates a physical universe to protect themselves, then quantum reality makes a lot of sense. You can pay me now or pay me later. You can memorize long equations that seem to make no sense, or you can accept your responsibility in the creation of reality. Either way it is the same reality.

David Lindley writes, "The basis of quantum theory is more revolutionary yet: it asserts that perfect objective knowledge of the world cannot be had because there is no objective world."

John Bellís Inequality: (Explain 1960 experiment, give new interpretation.)

Summary and Conclusions:

This book is really about the nature of love. Love is more than just a twinkle in the eye. Love is the core of the reality that we don't want to face. If we create the physical universe to protect ourselves from others, then our physical problems are our own doings. We are still carrying a grudge, and we have yet to stop trying to control others. If we forgive others and set them free, the results are immediate. We can directly operate interpersonally in life without the baggage of a physical universe. This will not directly change any of our interpersonal relationships because other people will still think of us as having bodies and being alive in the physical universe. Each of us is completely free to choose our own path and struggle if we wish to. Life is complete if we let others be free.

If I stop treating you as an object, maybe you will better see the real me. How do I do that? First I start by worship. This book is dedicated to you and your glory as God. I love you now as I have loved you always.

Draft Readers: If you have a copy of this you know it is not finished. Please help me to adjust or improve it. e-mail me at bsavoie@dyad.org Thank you for your time. William Robert Savoie, or just Bill 2/21/98 10:02 AM snail mail Bill Savoie : P.O. Box 891 Guntersville - Alabama 35976

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