Community Center - a whole new approach:

I received the following e-mail:

(I removed the identity - to keep the issues general)

Date: Friday, July 10, 1998 12:12 PM

Dear Bill,

I was involved in Dyad work in the early eighties at ... in ... and elsewhere. A possibility which occurred to me then has resurfaced as a project I am taking on, as follows;

It is my intention to be a founding force in the establishment of a network of centers devoted to the Dyad process, among other modalities. Redefining the concept of "Community Center" I envision a center located in or near every major city across the world. The focused intent is to have a physical space dedicated to transformation-awakening on both the individual, community, and societal levels.

In keeping with the adage of "The truth believed is not the eternal truth" I feel it is essential that all attachment to belief systems, religious and otherwise, be avoided. I believe Any religious, political, or organizational agenda would only serve to weaken and corrupt the potential of the enlightenment process.

This is a project in formulation, beginning to concentration. I am investigating, but have not acquired funding, donation base, nor set a plan outline down in writing. As yet, I do not have any materials for proposal presentation purposes. This is a vision in infancy; and one which I am dedicating myself to the manifestation of into this world. I would greatly appreciate any input, ideas, comments or what-have-you. Please feel free to pass this on to any you may believe interested.

Thank You, Sincerely Ken ..

I envision centers devoted to pure inquiry, like vortex points of light in the universe of unknowing.

Hi Ken ..,
In response to your nice e-mail about your intention to help others.

I too want to help people. It is a natural part of understanding our place in the real world. Anything we give to others comes back to us ten fold. As our spiritual knowledge of life grows - because we want to know - and we work at it - we see the interconnection of life. We see that what we give out - as real love - comes back to us. I have been working on the Dyad process for 36 years and it seems to me that Bob Dylan might have said it best - you can have "fortune or fame - though neither are to be what they claim." To translate - you can either be an agent of change - or you can be recognized. I find that the support people are often the real agents of change. They are often not seen by the wider audience as important.

For me personally - I like the UU church. It separates me from power. Many Spiritual leaders are really seduced by power. I think power is something that should be avoided. I have my little web page - which gives me a place to speak - and I give Enlightenment Intensives twice a year. I have no following. People who think Intensives are great - go to other Intensives - and attend to other spiritual activities. I see some at my UU church - and others I find at Buddhist events. We all love each other - to be sure - but we don't think we are "leaders" - we just see our actions as being love filled.

I like being part of a larger community, so I join groups. At times people attend Enlightenment Intensives and get only part of the experience - they think I have some nature that they don't have. They may even want to follow me around. I encourage them to attend the UU church. They hear our Minister talk about our interconnected nature - and how each of us must do our own search - and then they follow him around. He is a professional - I let him carry that load. I try to get our minister to attend an Enlightenment Intensive - but he doesn't seem to be able to do that. I don't know why, but I don't mind. I don't mind anyway that people feel they need to be. It is all part of the wonderful life that is unfolding.

Ken .. - I welcome you to our community. If you want to lead Enlightenment Intensives - I suggest you take the course that Lawrence Noyes gives. It is difficult but an easier road than "rolling your own." The process of leading Intensives will introduce you to personal power. Don't be surprised if you get burned a few times - like the rest of us have been. Over the years you will come to peace with leadership - and you will be well loved for it. Don't get attached to power and you will grow old with peace and love in your heart.

Faithfully yours.. Bill Savoie