20-th Alabama Enlightenment Intensive

Thursday evening, March 9, 2012, through Sunday evening

Facilitators: Bill and Joanne Savoie

Location:Elk River State Park Lodge, west of Athens on US-72

Cost: $250 if paid by January 25 or $300 there-after (ask about scholarships)

Reservations: Send payment to:Bill Savoie 1505 Snug Harbor Road, Grant, AL 35747

For more information: call Bill or Joanne at phone (256) 505-4443

About Enlightenment Intensives:

Our communication with others creates our reality. To change our reality we need to communicate. What we communicate is important. We can talk about national sports and just leave our reality the same - or we can talk about our inner feelings and create real personal change. There are five great questions that go to the heart of reality. 1."Tell me who you are." 2. "Tell me what you are." 3. "Tell me what another is." 4. "Tell me what love is." and 5 "Tell me what life is."

This work is ultimately spiritual in nature and very personal. To make progress on these issues - you need someone who can listen and understand without judgement. They must not jump to conclusions and start to lead us along their path. This is not easy for most people. Most people only listen and talk from their point of view - they block out listening to other points of view. It is only from their own uncertainty that they have a hard time listening. If they knew more about themselves - if they were in touch with their divine self- they could listen better to others.

The purpose of an EI is for you to experience directly the truth about who you are, what another is, what love is, or what life is. You will participate in communication dyads and solitary contemplation using a technique designed to cut through the illusions of ego to reach absolute truth about the fundamental issues of life and being.

Accommodations: The lodge sleeps 34 to 40 in double occupancy rooms (we are limiting the size to 20). Sheets, towels, pillows, and blankets are furnished. The lodge is in a quiet natural setting of beautiful isolated woods - ideal for contemplation. You will be served three quality vegetarian meals and two snacks a day.

If you want a closer connection to Joy in your life - attend our Intensive. You will gain the strength to say what needs to be said - and the wisdom to deal with the truth that arises around you. If you have questions, the World Wide Web at http://www.dyad.org will provide more information.

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