Enlightenment Intensive here in North Alabama

    An Enlightenment Intensive is a 3-day residential workshop dedicated to helping individuals safely come into conscious union with truth.  We together create an environment with contemplation and communication between individuals which gives rise to high levels of understanding, compassion and support.  An unrestricted technique called a 'Dyad' allows for an atmosphere of affinity and nurtures a sense of trust that gradually enables the individual to relax and experience the truth without fear or attachment.

To produce an Enlightenment Intensive, with good chances for success, it takes beautiful quiet settings conducive to contemplation.  A lodge is rented on the Elk River at the Joe Wheeler State Park.  This wonderful Lodge is located in a mostly deserted Alabama State Park.  A full time cook will serve all vegetarian meals.  Three full meals and two snacks with an hour walking meditation and hour rest period along with eleven dyads fill each of the three days.

A Dyad is a partner-assisted meditation.  People in a dyad work in pairs for periods of 40 minutes.  Each is to help the other one is called the active partner and the other is called the listening partner.  To keep things moving they switch roles about every five minutes.  It is not a conversation because each is not allowed to reference and make comments on what the other has just said.  This is not easy for most people but it gives the speaker enough freedom to reach the real absolute truth as it is for them.

Bill and Joanne Savoie will be the facilitators.   This will be the 20-th Enlightenment Intensive given in North Alabama at this location.  We started 13 years ago.  We are careful not to preach or give you ideas, as that would only distract you from the work you must do for yourself.   Enlightenment is the integration of truth on a personal level, it is not something that 'others can give you.'  It takes time, and it takes support from others around you.

The Intensive gets underway Thursday night, March 8, at 8 pm with an introductory talk.  We will review the basic process.  We will also review a few basic rules, which were created to allow everybody to do their own work and not engage in gossip or other disruptive behaviors.  The 3-day Enlightenment Intensive proper starts at 6 am the next day. The Intensive will be over at 8:30 pm Sunday. One or two Intensives are given each year. There is room for 20 people in this Alabama Enlightenment Intensive.

To be enlightened is to live outside the ego and to see the bigger picture.  To do that one must face the personal ego and not be intimidated into looking away in shame.  To see truth itself without the need to twist and modify that truth is to be clear inside.  I call that job - draining the swamp.  Buddha spent 40 days sitting under a tree - Jesus spent time in the desert.  The time it takes can be shortened - if one can find another who will listen without judgment.

More information can be found at http://www.dyad.org or just ask Joanne or Bill Savoie at (256) 505-4443.  Register before January 25, (Wednesday) and save $50 off the normal price of $300.  (For those in difficulties scholarships are available so call and ask.)  None of the staff is paid, except for the cook, who really does a lot of work.  All extras beyond expenses will be returned to the participants.  We do it only as a labor of love.  Come and join us in this unique exploration into personal truth.  Fill out the following form and send it in.  We hope to see you at the Intensive.

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