Science can make our world look empty or cold. But with a little interpretation it can also look into the face of God. We must not be afraid to question science, or likewise to question God. Within religion, we must find our feelings. With science Quantum Physics connects consciousness into reality itself. Both sides are working toward the middle, which is us. Reality must come into us.

Most of physics is built up from Einstein's conjecture that the speed of light is constant and that it has always been constant. But if consciousness is involved with reality and quantum physics points in that direction, then reality itself might be changed by time. Our consciousness is changing, because we are learning something. We are learning about consciousness. What we are learning is "who" we are and "what others are". We go deeper into ourselves and that allows us to understand others better.

We comprehend deeper. As awareness opens, what we can measure (or notice) starts to change. Reality changes because we are changing. We can go deeper into reality is we pay more attention.

Eventually as we go deeper we start recognizing love. Even deeper we start to recognize that we are the other and the other is us. This opens a depth into reality, and more things are allowed to change. What changes are any limits; we are less limited. We find fear diminishes. Inside this new deeper reality is what we feel. When open love happens to many millions of people, there are also physical reflections of change. It is my conjecture, that over all of time, that the speed of light changes very slightly.

The speed of light is part of a seemingly external world. But actual Reality has a deep unity. It is an agreement we have together with others of “what it is.” Built on top of agreement is a disagreement of the specifics. In theory we might be “one” together, but this is my car, not your car. We have hundreds of years of living like this, arguing over ownership. This is mine, and only that is yours. This might be our individual reality, but it is not all reality. For some of us there is more to recognize. We might see we were all here, united some 13.8 billion years ago, before the big bang. That event is when we discovered that we were not alone. We have argued over who “owns what” since that beginning. All separation began in a big bang. Before, there wasn’t any physical universe, objects, or space to hold any objects.

Since we are each other, any “matter” or any “object” can only be a misunderstanding. We think, and we separate from others into our thoughts. We each live in our own pool of thoughts, in the belief we are separate. Thinking creates space, space that holds the separate thought we think. Thinking and space arise together. We notice the thoughts, but we often ignore that space. All thoughts separate, so they only have reality in relationship to something else. That something else is the other we reject as “them.” So physicality is what happens when we think “others” are things. And from that we appear to be located in space.

How do we now get to a speed of light? In consciousness is this core “big bang” and space made from thinking thoughts. Since we are still one together, we all take turns “being who we are”. During our turn, we are allowed to move. How far we can move is called the “speed of light”. We must move less than this limit, or others will simply ignore us. As we get closer to this maximum speed, inertia grows infinite. It becomes harder to move as inertia grows.

So these are the ground rules for reality, we take turns. But something else is going on too. We are learning about each other, and some of us are falling in love. In deep states of love we stop reacting to this person we love, we become deeply tolerant and accepting.

Science has something to say about reality, which can help us comprehend our place in reality. Matter can come in three types:

1. Ordinary Matter: This is ordinary electrons, protons, neutrons, that make up things we can see. They call them quarks and leptons. By gravity they only make up 4% of all reality.

2. Dark Matter: By gravity they make up 23% of reality. They are invisible, but we know they must be there, because of the orbits of galaxies would need them to be the way they are.

3. Dark Energy: By gravity they make up 73% of reality. They too are invisible, but we also know they must be there by watching the orbits of stars in distant galaxies.

Science gives us these definitions of Matter, and if all of matter is a misunderstanding, then what exactly are these misunderstandings? Can we lift these veils to see the face of God?

1. Ordinary Matter is created when we think we are only alive because we are “in a body.” The most primitive body is made up of atoms, having a location of “here” at a time of “now”. There is a wide range of embodiments. This is about 4 percent of how consciousness experiences reality. They create all ongoing matter and space, and 4 percent of the gravity.

2. Dark Matter is created when we die, and we are without a body. We might call these angels or spirits. But they still think they have a location “here” at a “time” now. They amount to about 23 percent of how consciousness experiences reality. They don’t hold any matter but they hold space, and keep track of time. The field of love they provide is called gravity.

3. Dark Energy is created when consciousness is no longer attached to matter, location or time. Anyone can be this way, but it seems strange to the lowest 4 percent. Most of consciousness (73%) is enlightened, and they keep us all making progress. They might be called enlightened or God realized.

Since the big bang, some of us are waking up, and not just thinking more. As we relax into love this is causing the speed of light to increase, and our experience of space to shift, as we realize our unity. As we let go of our attachment to matter, the cosmological constant shifts too. The universe will not only expand, it will eventually evaporate. We don't need any matter, as it was just, at best, a misunderstanding.

Reality is radically simple, so simple that it is almost impossible to think about. Because of that difficulty, we are all on a journey into life, to learn by living. No one will be left behind or forgotten, as that isn’t possible. We will all go together, and no matter how long it takes, the journey will be well worth it.

Bill Savoie 2/26/2018

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