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Changing our Prison System

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Fixing our prison system; in writing the book "The Bridge To One" it became evident dyads could be used in a prison setting, to get prisoners listening to each other. The person most trusted in prison isn't a warden, minister, or prison guard, but the other prisoners themselves. This natural connection, a prisoner in a dyad process, can be used to drain the swamp of false beliefs. In this sense, they discover truth directly, not by being lectured to in any way. This process of using dyads has yet to be tried; we need enlightened prison leadership embracing change.

Big problems need bigger connections, to reduce isolation and bring about natural healing. Everything is entangled with everything else, so a widespread cultural shift is needed. We need bigger connections. Often, it is hidden details of how prisons work that need to see the light of day. As false illusions end, problems unfold into solutions. It takes all of us to find the best way. The dyad.org website starts an online prison information database Dyad Sunrise, to help that community shift. Its potential is to change how the general population treats people in their prisons. Prison information is developed into prison size, location, population, programs, staff, cost, rules, lock down rate, spiritual access, visitation process, and other factors affecting this extended community. Hidden details are then exposed. This online service provides ways to inspect prison conditions, allowing ranking or comparisons between all other prisons. This connection lets the public know how its money is spent, how effective a prison is, and how it works for them. It thus points public pressure to the worst ranked prisons, to then encourage prison reform.

Project Sunrise also includes support for the prison population, their families and friends. Difficulties imposed by prison time affects others, besides those sentenced to time. These people also need information support. One example would be how to safely car pool to and from a prison. It might be difficult for a mother to visit her daughter who is in a prison 300 miles away. Car pooling with others can be an inexpensive solution. It is accomplished by connecting the right people going to and from the same prison on the same calendar dates. Currently it is an ongoing work in progress. See dyad.org website for more information, or please contact the author if you can be part of the solution. (In retirement my work is free.) The true way (when found) is always effortless. The true way is always interconnected and unboundedly whole. Living a full life is to engage in the flow of life, and to be thereby informed through all of its parts. This has beauty not separate from action and joy.

The entire universe is interconnected and whole. This is something the conditioned mind in its privacy, cannot see or find logical. A conditioned mind is built separating good from bad; that is its job. To go against this programming is seen as illogical and wrong. When the mind hears words “Prison Ministry,” it often reacts. It reacts by separation or isolation, if we just focus on these as operational principles we make situations more difficult; so going in the opposite direction makes things easier. It takes some initiative to set up conditions, it may require “personal effort,” but the flow of life sustains itself. Everything in life is part of this natural flow and is self perfecting. Therefore including everything is perhaps the only way to solve life's biggest problems. Changing our culture by prison engagement is perhaps the easiest most direct path to improving life on our planet.

Using dyads within the prison system is worth trying because the suffering created by our current obviously isolated approach is failing financially; it is just costing too much. This is an aspect of the existing prison system that can be measured and mentally understood by all. The reality of cost can cut through the reality of belief. Lowering cost can outweigh the need to punish. The theory of “prison punishment” is after all a theory, designed to make life better by lowering (in time) the overall crime rate. Prison punishment was designed to make people behave by law. In isolated cases, it seems to work. But as we automated the process and expanded the prison system, it lost touch with alive nature, lost touch with life's ongoing grace. We got caught in the old habit of just using force. Force by itself isn't smart enough to deal with life. Life requires wisdom and grace to be unified.

Reality must be tested true. Our broken cultural conditioning demands strong prisons and fears any change to this old approach. But costs keep going up; prisons can be seen as not getting the job done. Ignorance and a lack of real alternatives keep prison punishment just pushing mental conditioning to “fix problems.” This must change. Because dyads operate on the level of consciousness, its results are longer lasting and more complete than mental conditioning. Listening in a dyad, promotes inner changes, inner realization, that over time transcend all limitations, healing the sick, making people care, filling in the void because in the end love is realized. Anger, envy, resentment, and confusion are all eventually turned (by alive realization) into love.

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