With Family?

We want prisons eventually to release people who join back into humanity and become good citizens. To do this they might need deeper connections to the people in their lives. Often this falls on family members. The time in prison can be a time for reflection and that can lead to need to apologize of to make family bonds stronger. Communicating with family members is not a great place for the prison system to change money. We need to respect a prisoners will to change and become whole again.

Tools that might be designed to help this.

1. Software designed to help people in prison communicate with their loved ones.

A small computer might be passed around once a day, so the cost per prisoner could be very low. After 30 people entered messages, they could be reviewed by guards, and then connected to the Internet to find their way to their loved ones. The computer could run the linux operating sytem and have on it only e-mail software and an editor.

2. A software data base designed to help people car pool to a prison to visit a prisoner.

Difficulties imposed by prison time affects others, besides those sentenced to time. These people also need information support. One example would be how to safely car pool to and from a prison. It might be difficult for a mother to visit her daughter who is in a prison 300 miles away. Car pooling with others can be an inexpensive solution. It is accomplished by connecting the right people going to and from the same prison on the same calendar dates. Currently it is an ongoing work in progress. I hope someone will step up and this process can occur. The true way (when found) is always effortless. The true way is always interconnected and unboundedly whole. Living a full life is to engage in the flow of life, and to be thereby informed through all of its parts. This has beauty not separate from action and joy.

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