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Video - Zoom Talk on 2/1/2023 about Dyads and Enlightenment Intensives

Text_Zoom Talk on Dyads and Enlightenment Intensives

"The speed of light cannot be measured in only one direction, here is that ": Video

Video: Murray Kennedy leading Oakland 2010 Enlightenment Intensive

David Lenard: Center for Conscious Living service on June 21, 2020

The Ultimate_Formula an article by Charles Berner


Building Bridges

The Bridge To One - Web supplement

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"This web page needs more work. ":

"Dedicated to Helping": There is a lot of confusion about what Help really is. The problem is when "Help" is given to avoid communication. In other words, I give you help, as I define it, rather than as you define it. People get into trouble giving help, since often times the person does not ask for it, and does not want it, and after receiving it is worse off. Real help occurs when both parties understand one another, and then engage in some action that benefits the person asking for help.

If we want Enlightenment we must do more than clean up our communication cycles and tell our truth, we must also protect people from unwanted contamination. We must let them be free from us. For these goals the "Dyad" was created. The "Dyad" helps one obtain -pure - clean communication without the normally attached abuse. It will allow you to really grow in your own chosen direction and connect to your deep normally hidden self.

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