Now to communicate what the body really is - in my opinion - some concepts must be understood - or at least agreed to. I will introduce them now.

Foundation Concepts

It is hard to use language and thought to explain and comprehend our lives and our existence. I wish I could make it easy, but every attempt at simplification, leaves out something. Also note that people are not experienced with thinking and talking about existence, and it does not read like a short story. The subject is hard and it may hit you right in the head, and twist your gut. Want the best way to understand? Sit down and start slow. Try to feel and experience the truth. If you can not understand what I say try reading it at least three times. Also remember, that what you read are the words I know, and it may not be the words that are true for you. Try to experience and not just think about these seventeen foundation concepts.

1. People are alike only to the degree they are distorted: I have learned that the more I know about a person the more they become unique. I can speed up the process of living life fully if I assume - right from the very start - that these differences are precious windows into the truth of them.

When I initially meet someone, I may create a stereotype impression to give me a process to deal with that person. They may, in turn, deal with me in a knee jerk way. Later, as I learn more about that person, I find they do not exactly fill that stereotype. As they learn more about me, they stop acting automatically, and start to pay attention. Knowing the direction of our relationship, or more correctly, not assuming any known direction, keeps me paying attention and able to grow. I also spend less wasted time trying to convince others to be more like me. This assumption helps me to live life more fully, and with less need for stereotyping.

2. Communication is a miracle: When I really optimize and clear my mind, eat all the right foods, and exercise regularly, I get wonderfully stuck on myself. Gee I'm a great guy. Need I say more to make the point.

3. Thoughts are things: A thought is a mental object created by a person that has persistence and relationships. Thoughts are created by the act of separating. The qualities of the thoughts in my head are similar to the qualities of the objects in my physical universe, the actuality is different because of the number of people involved.

4. Complexity is a way to remove responsibility: The world is almost too simple to understand. People prefer not to be involved in their own world. They would rather have someone else responsible. Concepts like 'Thoughts are things' are very difficult to comprehend, since ideas like these are so simple, they pervade everywhere.

5. Others are not Objects: Objects can be predicted with great accuracy. Objects donít change since objects donít have free choice. If people have free choice they have infinite complexity. Choice means they are not ultimately controllable. If they are not under control they are not part of scientific knowledge. Scientific knowledge comes about by conducting experiments with controllable variables. Any understanding you create with science or any other predictor will not contain or really explain another person. Understanding is only applicable to objects. People are non physical beings with the ability to choose. In fact their ability to choose is a direct result of their being ultimately non physical. Other people are not objects; they are not things. Of course since people are unpredictable they have enough free choice to even choose to be an object. What this paragraph states then is that although some people are objects not all people are objects.

6. Ideas can be used as a filter: Most people think 'understanding' is a process of classifying 'types' of people, within 'one' physical universe. For example, 'Oh, he is just a poor loser'. With this explanation we can ignore the person and get back to our self centered lives. Nothing could be further from the real truth of what he is! But our Ďunderstandingí has just closed the door on our real listening skills. Ideas can be used as a filter. Ideas are used to construct an understanding which can "represent" reality, but understanding is not the same as reality. The real difference between reality and its representation in ideas is the force of an individual will being used as a filter. Since most individuals are more comfortable playing a passive role the ideas rather than the individual are considered responsible. Therefore it appears that ideas can be used as a filter to block out stuff we donít want to deal with.

7. The individual is autonomous. The decision to be in contact with others or be in freedom is arbitrary. Later, after thoughts are generated, the individual may lose this capacity, and become dependent on others, but initially, you are autonomous. Even though you think you are dependent, when the chips are down, you are still autonomous.

8. The Creation of Thought: Unfortunately, people soon discover that they cannot be in contact without another persons 'help', since the other person can choose to be un-reachable, in a state of freedom. This 'pain' of wanting to be in relationship and not being connected creates 'objects'. These 'objects' are thoughts. Thoughts are not initially shared. Thoughts are the first layer of the onion, they are like shadows of connections with others. A Thought is a "want to be relationship." Kind of like the sound of one hand clapping, a thought is what exists without and inclusive experience of a relationship.

9. The Creation of Time: The creation of thought starts the 'time' process. 'Time' is a recognition of sequential operation. Note below, each letter is a quanta of time, but only after 'C' is it noticed:

a. Person One wants to be in contact with person Two, person Two also wants contact. No objects are created

b. Person One wants freedom, does not want contact, and person Two also wants freedom. No objects are created.

c. Person One wants Contact, but person Two wants freedom. Person One chooses to deny person's twos choice and at least one object quantum is created. The act of denial of the others choice, creates an instant that Person One experiences, but person two does not. This denial is the creation of person one, and creates an un-experienced, un-communicated extra time quantum.

d. Person One is now experiencing time, no matter what person Two does. Only person One can accept person twos choice, and drop the object, and be free of time.

10. Meaning of Thoughts: Thoughts have their meaning by the context under which they are created. The first thought is something like 'I want contact' the context of which attempts to negate the others choice to be in a state of freedom. The second thought is something like 'I want contact now' which has the context of isolated persistence thereby creating time.

11. Meaning and thoughts are different: No thoughts are without meaning. But with love and acceptance it is possible to have meaning without thoughts. It is possible to have meaning without thought, since it is possible to have an inclusive shared relationship. The meaning "is" the inclusive shared relationship. Meaning without thought is possible when love becomes infinite and the others choice is not modified. But it is not possible to have thoughts without meaning, since thoughts are created to have a relationship without the other persons consent.

12. Communication is by choice. Each person can choose to break off the relationship at any time, there is no real way to force others to listen. If communication takes place at all, it is only with both people deciding to make it happen.

13. Real Understanding requires no further action: Understanding is an end unto itself. A father may say, 'sit in the chair' and each time the boy gets up the father physically hits the child, while saying 'You will understand me, when I say, sit in the chair'. This is not real understanding, it is mechanistic body programming. Real understanding has a kind of 'Gestalt' digestion, a tension release, an undoing of effort, and a reduction of complexity.

14. Consciousness is a process of referencing one relationships thoughts with another relationship. I may be listening to you but I am thinking of someone else. By cross referencing my relationships, I can classify and remember them. Consciousness is the major way people continue to be irresponsible. Life is facing another - one on one - WITHOUT support. Personal responsibility on a level of pure thought. Further consciousness is the corner stone of the mind. The mind is an automatic thought sequence. Our conscious relationships are by nature abusive. To get people to worship each other we really do need to see how multiple physical universes are such a "right" fit to the way things really are - this the major point of this whole book. If people don't get the subtle shift that takes place - to amplify perception - they will miss the core of what I am offering. First it results in clean boundaries. You know better where you end and the other begins. This is likely to fill you with wonder. That is an amazing step forward. Now in this state of wonder it is possible to surrender to inclusive reality. Starting with an understanding of consciousness - we can move Step by step to a simple state of bliss. If done right - the physical universe then simply slips away and one is surrounded by the grace of God - a spiritual all presence - inside of all others. Loss of Globalization and a life in nothingness. All God, an no need to think. Worship now and forever, and just another day to sweep the floor.

15. Life has no solutions: Relationships are not additive: What I learn from one relationship about another individual does not apply to any individual I have yet to meet. In short your knowledge base is not to be trusted. There is no 'Automatic' way to be, and if you succeed, you have only created a body, or if you are not sure, you have created a mind.

16. Transcendent Experiences: Experiencing yourself as a God is a transcendent experience that can be considered Enlightenment. Experiencing others as God is another transcendent experience that can likewise be considered Enlightenment. The Physical Universe also has a form of Enlightenment. This transcendent experience is knowing that the creation of objects, does not have to be. You have a choice. When you want to be in contact with another, and they are not available, you can surrender to their will. You can let them decide when they want to be in contact with you and all anxiety in the situation falls away. You can choose not to create substitutes for relationships. You can create to fill the 'void' rather than accept the void as part of life. Unfortunately the creation of objects is the solution for one's 'pain'. Further as a solution - it is a poor substitute for others and this 'creation' of 'objects' interferes with life. This solution blocks out others and it starts one living in the past. Our creation of objects is motivated by our desire to get control of others. To summarize this last concept, our attempt to control others, creates objects, time, space, and in short the physical universes. This is the Basic Nature of Objects and the 'outside'.

17. There are many Physical Universes: Since communication occurs between two people reality also can be atomized at the two person level. If that is true, then any three people reality is in fact made up of three sets of two people reality. If the people are A, B and C, then in reality we have AC, BC, and AB and not ABC. Certainly if we could create a reality with three people relationships we would, but that is impossible. Three person reality would require that we let others make our decisions for us as someone would then have to lead. One person would have to lead two people. We really communicate only with equals. One person is never equal to two people. Reality is always made one on one. With real reality consisting of one person with one other person, each of us then has multiple physical universes and we share each physical universe with one other person.

These foundation concepts are offered without much explanation like so many red bricks piled up at the site of an empty lot. When correctly placed together with mortar they can build a new house. These Foundation Concepts represent pieces of a puzzle that when comprehended make possible a discussion of what your body is and why it acts the way it does. These foundation concepts were given to provide a kind of structure where each of us interacts by our own will only. If these foundation concepts donít have a small ring of truth to them the following discussion will not make much sense. Before you rush on, be sure to experience some of the truth contained in these foundation concepts.

Your Body and what it really is

I have stated several times that there are multiple physical universes, and that your reliance on consciousness prevents this from being obvious. This may be compelling to some, but so much has been left unsaid. The tremendous loneliness we experience has yet no explanation, and we also need an explanation for that body that surrounds you.

I watched my father die of cancer several years ago. I was with him during the last ten days. It was very difficult - yet love and respect poured out of both him and me. It was very intense and at the same time very empty. I felt powerless and impotent and yet I had great pride in the manner in which he led the way for me and what I would have to someday follow. All of us expect to someday die - but we are often less prepared for the death of those we love. I experienced the physical death of my father but I also sense that he is still out there somewhere - directing his experience on a new journey. As a non-physical being - we still have a connection and a relationship.

There is a tremendous loneliness we experience that I think can be understood when we uncover the how and why of bodies. This loneliness is rooted in the anguish of a disagreement about how and what the body is. To start there are Seven great truths about the body which are:

(1). Your body is everything. Everything dealing with existence is related to your body. You move about with your body. Your body is an object and it interacts with other objects while you are a non-physical entity. When you move, (2) you move the entire known universe. Most people think; when you move your body, only a small portion of the universe seems to move, and this is called your body. Since all motion is relative, moving your body, is just the same as moving the universe! No scientific experiment can tell the difference. The problems of both "what" and "where" you are - appear as problems because of inverted perspectives. For example, you move. There is a small part in your universe that resists you and does not move. But in general almost your entire physical universe moves. From your perspective you moved almost the entire universe. What happened? From the perspective of others only a small body within their physical universe moved. There is an inversion of meaning between you and others.

So how and why did we become bodies? If you move the universe, who cares about a little object that stands still? Actually - you care very much. The part that opposes you is very interesting, since it represents contact with another power! (3) Your body appears to put you into contact with others. There is only a very small part of your universe which is unknown by you and this lack of ownership is caused by your confusion with others. You are choosing to think of others as objects. The only objects you know of are yours, so you disown them. You therefore cannot move these objects. You ascribe ownership of these objects to other people - they are other people.

The aspect that makes your universe unknown to you is a lack of respect for others, and it represents love lost. This conflict is within your physical universe - and it is your automatic associations that keep it going as a conflict. The thought that "My body puts me in contact with others." is a level one inversion. It is a solution to a problem you are having with understanding other people. You are continuing to abusing others by thinking of them as objects. They oppose you and it appears as if this opposition is real contact and therefore it appears as if the real 'life' is taking place 'inside' your body.

What is actually happening with bodies is the following: You do not have a body, you are the universe. Your operational understanding of others is that they are objects. Other people experience this and oppose you. This opposition and your confusion makes a small part of your universe stand still, or not act under your total control. You find this very interesting, and you attach yourself to the study of these forces. The attachment grows to such a point that another inversion takes place, and you start to think of yourself as a body. This is a level two inversion - That you are a body. Now you have made contact with the other power. But you have forgotten, because of two levels of inversion, what you wanted to say! Isn't that just like life. To give you the power only when you forget who you are!

(4). Your body is not in your Physical Universe. As the drawing below shows, the body of person A exists in physical universe B, C, D and E. Other people see your body - you donít - except for a reflection. You move your entire physical universe, and because of the poor state of our relationships with others, only a small part in their physical universe responds to your movement. They call that your body. To them your body is a subset of their universe. To us our body is our entire physical universe plus a piece of many other physical universes. Our body is everything since to us it includes our entire physical universe (circle A) and it seems to be in other peoples universe too (the small stick figures in circles B,C,D and E).

The above diagram symbolically shows ĎWhereí and ĎWhatí your body is. In reality there are many more Ďotherí people than the four shown, and this creates added pressure for you to see it as others see it.

(5). All action is indirect. As the drawing shows, you move the small body in another universe with their permission. You let them move in your universe, and they let you move in their universe. How does this affect you? This means that you can now become sick and die. Your relationship has aspects that depends upon others.

(6). Other bodies show up in your universe as places you are trying and failing to hold still. You pick a small place to oppose others, and that later becomes your body. They are fascinated by your opposition, and they soon become bodies too. Now the two bodies meet, and have a little chat. What do they say? Where do they start? The first thing you notice is that the other person is very self (body) centered. So you hit/kill/mane him a few times to wake him up. The next thing you notice, is that the person only understands, and cares about, the things he/she does himself. So you spend a lot of time acting like him/her, and speaking like him/her, and becoming him/her. Now you have established 'reality' and some 'affinity', and some 'communication', so now you may find yourself with a chance to relate.

(7). 'Here' can be thought of as a hole in the physical universe. You are not a body and life does not take place 'inside' the physical universe. There is only one 'place' in the physical universe which is unknown, and that is inside the body at the place called 'here'. 'Here' is the only place you are allowed to communicate, and reach others. You cannot move 'here' you can only re-arrange the objects around 'here'. The concept of 'here' can be thought of as a hole in the physical universe, allowing activity with others, and not being under your direct control. Since you are 'here' you are standing at an abyss, a non-physical interface to me and to others. You are surrounded by your warm known universe, that stretches out to infinity in all directions. 'Here' is the only 'place' which does not have a place. Since we have 'connected' 'here' to our physical universe, we can fall into the illusion that our physical universe has no edge, and it is all 'inside' our physical universe. If we give up our universe, and become bodies, we can forget about the abyss, and plug up the pain, and reduce the world to comfortable logic, and future plans.

Several years ago at an Enlightenment Intensive I came into direct contact with the following map of reality. It shows the mechanism of connection to substance.

As you can see from the map, my connection with my body is directly through the people I love spiritually. They in turn influence the people I donít recognize as unique. People can be undifferentiated by me, because I use power (knowledge gained from others) or because each of us has real freedom, including freedom to be like others.

All of my real interaction with others is still by my own choice. I operate through the "help" of the people I love spiritually. Those people I donít recognize as unique are treated through "thinking" to optimize and manipulate the situations I find myself in. The direction I push these strangers in is based upon those extrapolations I have made with the ones I love. It is all I know. The concept of "body" provides a structure of illusion and purpose where each of us can interact within a reality of great confusion and misunderstanding.

This all might seem too bizarre or complex to be easily understood. I can re-draw the same concept of reality in a much simpler form as follows:

Again my closest touch with reality is first through the people I love spiritually, and return that love spiritually. Through those people, I then connect to the larger outside world, and the undifferentiated outside others. This outside circle is where Ďlifeí takes place. "Life" is where the great confusion is. It is where we canít tell one person from another. It is also where I do all my thinking and my searching for solutions. Much action and little progress. I experienced life as what you do when you fail to love. One has a choice to love, and instead we act, we organize, we do something else, anything but love.

Once the choice to love is not taken, other things of lesser value happen. These Ďother thingsí are substitutes and they are expected to be equivalent to love - but they all fall far short. To try to fill this void - they take on a quality of persistence and anguish. Perspective is lost in order to try to force a balance. Unfortunately things and objects just donít measure up to love no matter how much we lose our perspective. There is just no adequate substitute for love. Still with this perspective we often put love down.

We talk in terms of life. I think the question of love and what it means has not been given enough credit. How is your "life" going? How long did he "live?" Go out tonight and "live" it up. Our language centers its activity on the concept of "life" and this is really another inverted perspective. Life is a subset of Love, not the other way around. Love is the important quantity, everything else is a lesser substitute.

Lets now consider another lesser substitute for love. Consider holding opposition, as a way to maintain relational contact. Maybe you can be my enemy? Opposition as a process has the illusion of you being in a tightly coupled system with lots of contact. What you lose in the process is freedom. Opposition polarizes everything. Polarization eventually brings about the inversion of having a body, rather than having a personal physical universe. We shrink under the pressure and we long for love - real love - not just opposition. So let us think about reversing this process. Lets get rid of the need for bodies. One can start by dropping away the extra things we hold on to. We can reverse the process by undoing those mistakes we made and are currently making. We can then watch what happens. This is where some of us are today. What would happen if I start to slowly drop my opposition to you? Can you handle that? If I donít oppose you how does that effect us? You will lose the tightly coupled dance with objects acting as bodies.

To adapt and be happy living a satisfying life, we have adapted methods of "understanding." These methods work with us being bodies. If we are to change and still live connected and satisfied, we must stretch ourselves to develop new ways to understand. I claim that more than the body even the physical universe is an illusion. If that is correct then it should be possible for us to communicate in new ways. Perhaps music, art, or literature. To feel the same or greater level of relationship, we will need to work on achieving a greater level of real understanding. As compensation we will have more freedom to work with. It will mean that 'life' goes on outside of my body, and to some increasing degree outside of even my physical universe. As I change - you in turn will not have that much interest in your body. For one thing, I will not be there in opposition. Opposition is something I am giving up. I turn to love, through the mechanism of forgiveness and worship. I will not be anywhere, but you will know me. This is the process that is becoming. Non-objective, Non-physical, but fascinating and active!

Let us return again to an overview of reality itself. We can start from a simple beginning, which I will call a Level One Reality: Below is a diagram of four spirits.

Just us and a few other people. No physical universe, no time, and no bodies yet. Why or how could this even be a possibility? Did we eat an apple? This condition was possible if no one tried to communicate with any other person. We were complete but isolated. Now these people who are spiritual in nature attempt to communicate with one another. Since they donít inherently know each other, complete understanding was not accomplished on this first contact. That resulted in a struggle to understand, and a choice other than love. That resulted in a Level Two Reality as shown below:

Continuing with our little diagram of reality - just us and a few other people. No bodies yet, but we now have time and around us we start to have a physical Universe. We are "adjusting" our relationship with a few specific spirits. This physical universe is not yet monolithic. We have separate interactions with separate people. We donít yet confuse one person with another. We do confuse us with them, and we suffer from love lost. As we suffer in isolation we start down the road to seeing similarities in all our relationships, and that leads us into what I will call a Level Three Reality:

Still just us and a few other people. But now we have a complex modern reality. Confusion in communicating with others has now snow balled to the degree that we freely substitute one person for another. We experience only one physical universe, time is ticking, and we experience ourselves as bodies having limited choices in this vast physical universe.

Now let us look at three people in this "level three reality". Not all people are the same, so what is the "Truth?" Is there "one" truth?

Person "A" as spirit <->"A" as ideas (objects)<->"A" as body (shared objects)

| |

| path b |

| |

| "C" as spirit <->"C" as ideas <- >Person "C" as a stranger(shared objects)


| path a




Person "B" as spirit <-> "B" as ideas(objects)<->"B" as body(shared objects)

The diagram has path a and path b connecting to person A. Path a was spiritual and path b "looked" physical - because it was with a stranger. Everyone is in reality spiritual - but because of confusion it looks as if we relate to strangers "by way of" the physical universe. All strangers are "strange" and this connects them all together - making it look like we are all in one physical universe. Now we have something similar to Monotheistic religion - having only one God - that leads most religions into an argument over the nature of God. They are fighting over the "One." It is a mistake to think "One" - it is an artificial crisis. There are many Gods - each one is "right" and the many do not invalidate the one. There really is no argument - just an unwillingness to grant others dignity. So just as I find it strange to argue about the "one" god - I find it equally strange to argue about the way things really are in the "one" physical universe. In my view each two people have - between them - the ability to create an entire physical universe - and further to make it "fit" into all the other physical universes - so it all "looks like" one physical universe. But just because others are confused and are suffering because of that confusion - doesn't make me confused. Relationships are not additive - even if other people think that they are. Therefore - the point - 'THE TRUTH' can mean many things - since each two people have a separate "THE TRUTH" between them - it is their relationship.

Now with the recognition that we have at least 75,000 different "THE TRUTH" in our lives - we must never confuse these differences. There is no "BIGGER" "THE TRUTH" that is outside of relationships - like an ego or personality. That would mean that relationships are additive - or that we can "learn" about our selves by "looking" at our relationships with others - that also can not be done. We know ourselves - we never learn about ourselves - we only learn about our relationships with others. If we make the assumption that "other people are all alike" - then we can extrapolate who we are - but it would be building on a false premise - other people are all different - since other people create themselves without the need of communication. People are really free.

I know all this stuff is right out there in my ability to make it clear to anyone - but it is the heart of Democracy - everyone stands on their own two feet - no one has the advantage - and it allows 'life' to be finished for some and yet just beginning for others. In reality only love is between us all - and that love is the love of God. If that last sentence is seen to be both plural and singular. The experience is singular - since relationships are not additive - but since it happens over and over - it could be called plural too.

The point - if I can try for a summary - there really is no "overview" of life - greater than two people. Further we must ourselves be one of those two people. There can be no "leveraging" of ideas into something powerful - it is all just one on one. We can either live in our heads (where we can extrapolate intra-personally with "big" ideas and thoughts) - or we can be in relationship with others. Extrapolations are only with one others person, they can not be ultimately effective with anyone else. We are best if we are only beginners mind with each person and carefully recognize our two person relationship and its distinct history - nothing more.

I don't know if that was clear or not. It has great implications about our relationships and how to get the most out of life. I think of it as "put no other God before me" applied to the whole of existence - each of us without blame or a good excuse. It is about the nature of meaning and responsibility. I also think of it - in the way it came to me - relationships are not additive. That might be understood by other Electrical Engineers - just as "each person is orthogonal" might be understood by mathematicians. This concept has taken me 37 years of trying to fit into words - it is hard to articulate in the head but I live it in my heart. It fits there real easy. In any case - it strips me bare - and leaves me in Love.

My "guess" on what the body is? My body belongs to others. It is not mine alone. Bodies represent the boundary - of and with - others. Each of us has our own physical universe to "protect" us from telepathy or a level of exposure we just arenít ready for. We move this entire universe - and others see this as a body moving around in their universe. All of the "inside" of our bodies belongs to the interface between us and others, but anything that is done with bodies requires the permission of others. Nothing physical occurs without their permission. At the heart of existence is an INCLUSIVE experience that does not take sides. There is no me or you it is only us together. But one of us looks like we have our mouth open and are talking. These look like "my" ideas. I am focused on trying to speak the truth. I don't think "I" have the answer - but I know "we" do have the answer. I also "guess" that there is no space between us. The more we understand together the more I will be able to communicate and present this inclusive experience as something "I" know.

This stuff about inclusive experience - and a new way to experience bodies and the interpersonal physical universe - can be very strange - especially at first. You might not have discovered this for yourself. But I don't want you to worship me {separation} because I said it first- I want you to worship "with" me {inclusion}). I want to put in some separation here. A disclaimer. I am nothing more than you with a different "who" - and a few more Enlightenment Intensives - with some time on my hands to "draft" this book. I find it difficult to "tell" someone - something they already know - it then becomes a discovery that they blame on me. If it really happened - you understood what I presented - then it was an "inclusive" experience - I experienced it on this side as coming from you - and you experienced it on your side as coming from me. That separation was an illusion. We did it together - the love was already there - we did this together. When you first get this stuff - body - physical universe - many physical universes - the natural reaction is to go deep inside your head. To find someplace safe. Sorry to just lay it all out for you. "it is a real trip" as the hippies say - further it is in fact a "trip" if you "believe" it. If it is an experience and has meaning - fine - if you are "blown away" then it was probably something that I should not have done because it moves you away from your center. This "stuff" is just ordinary - nothing special - if true - it is true for everybody - nothing special.

The above was a lot to say with words - I get a bit lost in presenting this to you. Is this a mind bending trip? I have strong but mixed feelings about this - should I be open even if it does you damage? Am I really being open? or am I just doing a "dump" of where I am? Maybe I am insensitive? One thing I do know - saying what is in this book - puts me at risk. You have enough stuff to form a stereotype that is lock tight and rigid. You know I am way out there - maybe even a different nature than you. You also may be "damaged" in some way that you will not be able to discover for another 20 years. Anything is possible. All I want to say now is that you are God - don't let me "brain wash" you and destroy your center - the place you come from - your love of life or who you really are. If this is mental - then it is just another trap. If it is something you can experience - and it makes you more the way you really are - then my efforts were worth something and I love you too. You must learn to take knowledge into your experience and make your choice about truth fully independently of me and my articulation of what I think works for me.

What is Death

Take a look at this sentence. Notice the effect of the ending period mark. It has an effect similar to the effect of your death. Let me elaborate before you get discouraged. First notice that until a sentence has a period on it - you donít know what it is saying. Consider the following sentences and notice how the direction of the sentence can change until it has a period. The period "fixes" the meaning. It can change until it has a period.

I will. I will think. I will think how. I will think how it will be. I will think how it will be when I can see. I will think how it will be when I can see if it will work. I will think how it will be when I can see if it will work as I suspect. I will think how it will be when I can see if it will work as I suspect or they suspect it would. Seven changes of direction. When we read we wait for the period and we keep our understanding flexible. The period makes understanding possible. Just as a period gives a sentence meaning, death gives meaning to time. Otherwise we would just procrastinate. Death is also a good thing to consider when you want to get out of your head. It is easy to think about - no technical difficulties - and it will wake you up.

Death is greatly misunderstood. Death is the dissolving of contracts - the dissolving of inertia - and a chance to start over with new contracts. When compared to inclusive reality - contractual reality is very small - so none of us really mind dying. I donít want people to "owe me one." I want people to enjoy the moments with me. They can only do that by their own choice. - and not because of any "power" or "consciousness." So the fact of death - points to the illusion of the power of contracts -and discards false understanding for something more experiential. Inclusive experience is what we all want - nothing less. Death is our reminder - not to settle for separate experience - but to go for inclusive experience. If we have to "work" at something - we donít have it yet. So death takes nothing away from us - not our dignity - our love - or our inclusive experience. Death just takes away our contracts - our "pending" activities that will probably fail to be really satisfying anyway. So I donít think any of us really cares about death - except how good we "feel" after we are dead - and how fresh the world is in each of its possibilities. Since death itself is a contract - we can only live free when we accept the will of others - and surrender to the process of contact with them. This contact with others is so wonderful that we donít mind that it has to be on their way.

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