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We do not maintain a stock of books. Sorry. Instead we point you to places where you can buy your books direct. In many cases you are connected to the writer who is also the publisher. These are gentlepeople who really care. They publish books (usually at a loss) because the books are needed. It is a labor of love.

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Enlightenment Intensives

There are a few books available about Enlightenment Intensives. They are as follows:

Tell Me Who You Are

Jake Chapman's book, Tell Me Who You Are, describes in vivid detail the experience of taking an Enlightenment Intensive from the point of view of a first-timer. It also outlines how the Enlightenment Intensive format came into being, how the process works, and so on. It is available from many growth-orientated bookshops, or can be ordered directly from the author (price 10 plus shipping):

Jake Chapman
The Old Manor House
The Green
MK19 7LS
Telephone 044 1908 510548
Facsimile 044 1908 511359


The Seventy-Two Hour Mirror

The Enlightenment Intensive Process


Jeff Love

For a complete and detailed description of the Enlightenment Intensive, order a copy of "The Seventy-Two Hour Mirror" by Jeff Love (a 60-page booklet). Send $5.00 to Jeff Love, 12801 Graton Road, Sebastopol, CA 95472. You can receive a complete refund by returning it or by participating in one of Jeff's Intensives. Call 707-524-9394 or e-mail to for more information.

General Support Books


A collection of 220 recipes from all over the world.

This book began as a vegetarian cookbook for workshops, but as it neared completion, it became evident that it is really a cookbook for everyone who loves delicious healthful food, so the new title became, Vegetarian Cooking for Health and Pleasure.

If you would like to order a copy of Vegetarian Cooking for Health and Pleasure please send $10.95 ($9.95 plus $1.00 Postage) check or money order to:

Osha Reader
Origin, Star Route
Sattley, CA 96124 USA

Please make checks payable to Origin

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Online Books and Newsletters

Some of us have books yet to be found in hard copy. It is also easy to use Internet to publish newsletters:

A general book on how to make the most of our life. What you need from others and what you can do yourself, and how you can tell the difference.

A new look at the new physics - quantium mechanics - electro-magnetic theory - all the data that puts you back at the center of physical reality.

Tatagata Tea Ceremony is similar to Japanese Tea Ceremony. A group of friends gets together, sits down around a tea mat, and makes a bowl of green tea in a focused and artful way. The tea is shared and there is some pleasant conversation.

The Tatagata style is not as formal as the Japanese style, but it is not trivial to learn. It is ( as Edrid presents it ) a practice or meditation. Edrid has a wonderful way of letting you into a great natural awareness. (this review is in my words - Bill Savoie)

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Accounts of enlightenment experiences or spiritual experiences are the core of this online newsletter. That, and useful information about the Enlightenment Intensive process and similar activities. Please send in your experiences to share with our community.

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We (Barry McGuinness and others) in the UK are now producing a quarterly newsletter called "Enlightenment" which is devoted to Enlightenment Intensives and related topics. It serves as a communication link for a growing network of people who would like to continue their involvement with Enlightenment Intensives and other "truthwork" techniques. To find out about subscribing, contact:

Enlightenment Newsletter
24 Park Avenue

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